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Black Out Privacy Film
Black Out

Black Out Window Film


If our White Out offering is the ultimate in privacy film, then that would make our Black Out Privacy Window Film the maximum in that same category!

Whether you’re working the night shift or a college student who keeps odd hours, this film is the perfect solution for blocking out all vision and light. Its also a good choice for covering up unsightly views. As you might suspect, this construction does not allow much, if any, visible light through the glass, but it does reject around 99% of UV rays and 85% of solar energy.

Please note, the R01503 Black Out Film is not recommended for double pane windows that are on the exterior of a building.

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Product Description

Length: Window Film ships in one continuous roll when more than one is ordered.
Installation Type: Adhesive Backed Window Film
Available Widths: 12 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch, 60 inch, 30 inch
Level of Privacy: Maximum – This film blocks 95 to 100% of vision.
UV Rejection: up to 99%
Visible Light Transmittance: <1%
Solar Energy Transmittance: 0%
Solar Energy Reflectance: 41%
Solar Energy Absorption: 59%
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 85%
Warranty: 90 Day Manufacture Defect, Replacement Warranty.
Restrictions: This Window Film is Not Suggested for Double Paned Glass.
Brand: ProView

Additional Information


12″x3ft, 12″x7ft, 12″x18ft, 12″x25ft, 12″x50ft, 24″x3ft, 24″x7ft, 24″x12ft, 24″x18ft, 24″x25ft, 24″x50ft, 30″x3ft, 30″x7ft, 30″x12ft, 30″x18ft, 30″x25ft, 30″x50ft, 36″x3ft, 36″x7ft, 36″x12ft, 36″x18ft, 36″x25ft, 36″x50ft, 48″x3ft, 48″x7ft, 48″x12ft, 48″x18ft, 48″x25ft, 48″x50ft, 60″x3ft, 60″x7ft, 60″x12ft, 60″x18ft, 60″x25ft, 60″x50ft


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