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Frosted Colors
Frosted ColorsPV05601-87043 Blue FrostedPV05604-87043 Yellow FrostedPV05606-87043 Aqua FrostedPV05607-87043 Fog Blue FrostedPV05608-87043 Midnight Blue FrostedPV05609-87043 Amber FrostedPV05610-87043 Orange FrostedPV05615-87043 Hunter Green FrostedPV05614-87043 Green FrostedPV05613-87043 Sea Green FrostedPV05612-87043 Peach FrostedPV05611-87043 Burnt Orange FrostedPV05616-87043 Red FrostedPV05617-87043 Pink FrostedPV05618-87043 Purple FrostedPV05619-87043 Lavender FrostedPV05620-87043 Orchid FrostedPV05621-87043 Golden Brown FrostedPV05622-87043 Chocolate Brown FrostedPV05623-87043 Battleship Grey FrostedPV05624-87043 Light Graphite FrostedPV05625-87043 Graphite FrostedPV05626-87043 Dark Graphite Frosted

Frosted Colors (23 Color Options Available)


Bring the elegance of frosted glass to your space at a fraction of the cost. Our Frosted Film comes in a variety of rich colors, all of which bring maximum privacy and a unique style to any glass. Both our static cling and adhesive backed film is easily installed and removed, making it a simple way to update any window.

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35” x 3ft, 35” x 7ft, 35” x 12ft, 35” x 18ft, 35” x 25ft

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Blue, Yellow, Aqua, Fog Blue, Midnight Blue, Amber, Orange, Burnt Orange, Peach, Sea Green, Green, Hunter Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Lavender, Orchid, Golden Brown, Chocolate Brown, Battleship Grey, Light Graphite, Graphite, Dark Graphite

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Static Cling, Adhesive Backed


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