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Green Colored Window Film
Green Colored Window Film

Green Colored Window Film


Going green? How about on your windows? While, it doesn’t quite have the same meaning, going green with our window film is an excellent stylistic choice.

Our Green Colored window film adds this sharp and piercing color to any window pane or stationary glass, but it doesn’t stop there; this R05605 film also provides UV rejection of up to 99% and carries a VLT of about 40%. Kermit had it wrong, being green is easy: As the Green Colored decorative window film is easy to install, is safe for your glass, and can be removed later if necessary

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Product Description

Installation Type: Adhesive Backed Window Film
Available Widths: 12 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch, 60 inch
Level of Privacy: Little Privacy – This window film is not designed for privacy.
UV Rejection: up to 99%
Visible Light Transmittance: 40%
Warranty: 90 Day Manufacture Defect, Replacement Warranty.
Restrictions: This Window Film is Approved for Double Paned Glass.
Brand: ProView

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12″x3ft, 12″x7ft, 12″x12ft, 12″x18ft, 12″x25ft, 24″x3ft, 24″x7ft, 24″x12ft, 24″x18ft, 24″x25ft, 36″x3ft, 36″x7ft, 36″x12ft, 36″x18ft, 36″x25ft, 48″x3ft, 48″x7ft, 48″x12ft, 48″x18ft, 48″x25ft, 60″x3ft, 60″x7ft, 60″x12ft, 60″x18ft, 60″x25ft


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