White Frost R01501


Privacy Window Film.

Hands down our most ordered window film! Our  R01501 White Frost Privacy Film is designed to look like professionally frosted glass, and its an excellent choice for windows in a bathroom, bedroom, apartment, or wherever privacy is most desired.
With a VLT of 30%, this privacy film still allows about one third of the visible light in through the glass and rejects close to 99% of harmful UV rays. This film is constructed our pro grade adhesive making installation a breeze.

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12"x3ft, 12"x7ft, 12"x12ft, 12"x18ft, 12"x25ft, 12"x50ft, 12"x100ft, 24"x3ft, 24"x7ft, 24"x12ft, 24"x18ft, 24"x25ft, 24"x50ft, 24"x100ft, 30"x3ft, 30"x7ft, 30"x12ft, 30"x18ft, 30"x25ft, 30"x50ft, 30"x100ft, 36"x3ft, 36"x7ft, 36"x12ft, 36"x18ft, 36"x25ft, 36"x50ft, 36"x100ft, 48"x3ft, 48"x7ft, 48"12ft, 48"x18ft, 48"x25ft, 48"x50ft, 48"x100ft, 60"x3ft, 60"x7ft, 60"x12ft, 60"x18ft, 60"x25ft, 60"x50ft, 60"x100ft, 72"x3ft, 72"x7ft, 72"x`12ft, 72"x18ft, 72"x25ft, 72"x50ft, 72"x100ft


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