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Great Options for Large Windows


There are some really cool designs out there for decorative window film, but sometimes the repetition of the pattern doesn’t work as well on large areas of glass. This is especially true for stained glass designs or patterns that are meant to appear more organic. I’ve come up with a few film series that solve this problem, and will be sure to enhance any glass.

My Coastal Scenes Stained Glass and Flock of Birds series each have different variations that fit seamlessly together, no matter how you arrange them. You don’t even need all the variations, because a “filler” background is also available, so pick your favorite design and cover the rest with the background design. This especially works well with the stained glass. I’ve also created the Mogu Series, which includes 4 designs that work well together, as well as on their own. All of these original designs are perfect solution for an area with multiple windows.

The Coastal Scenes stained glass series features five different nautically themed designs and an abstract geometric background done in a stained glass style. The rich marbling colors matched with a prismatic cut glass textured film creates a realistic old world stained glass look. As I mentioned earlier, the six patterns fit seamlessly together, no matter how you arrange them, allowing you to customize the look of your space.

Same goes for my Flock of Bird series. This series consists of 4 different arrangements of flocking birds and a seamless cloud background. This film will help bring an airy feel, and allows plenty of light in. The flocking bird silhouettes are “cut out” of the clouds, allowing some visibility and plenty of privacy. You can create your own unique flock of birds by arranging the different patterns however you like. This one can be a lot of fun, and allows for the most unique arrangements.

Finally, we have the Mogu Series. This series consist of four designs influenced by the Mogu style of traditional Chinese painting on gossamer. This film brings the perfect level of privacy without the loss of light. The light, organic look of the gossamer combined with wispy brushstrokes brings a classic and delicate beauty to any space. Each design works great on its own, and they look amazing together.

I am continuing to create new designs, and may soon have more window film series like these. You can also contact us for help with custom design solutions. Be sure to also check back for tricks and tips, like mixing and matching different patterns and colors. We’ll talk about that in an upcoming article.

Check out the video I did for, where you can also purchase these designs.