Etched Diamonds R087117 Chocolate Brown

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Our Etched Diamonds Window Film is a simple way to add privacy & style. Each diamond measures roughly 1/2″ by 1/2” and is filled with small circular ridges that feel cross-grained. This film provides basic privacy while blocking out 50% of the light. A good fit for basement or bar type windows, the R087117 decorative window film, comes with a cling technology and can be removed or used elsewhere anytime.

Our Etched Diamonds R087117 also comes in a variety of sparkling colors, allowing you to bring your personal style to your space.

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Installation Type: Pro-Cling: Adhesive Free Window Film
Available Widths: 35 inch
Level of Privacy: Some Privacy – This window film provides basic privacy.
UV Rejection: up to 99%
Visible Light Transmittance: 50%
Warranty: 90 Day Manufacture Defect, Replacement Warranty.
Restrictions: This Window Film is Approved for Double Paned Glass.