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Funky Furniture

Furniture should be more than just functional. It can add so much character to a space, and even become a work of art or conversation piece. There are ways to create your own truly unique pieces without having to build it completely from scratch. You can take a low cost, cookie cutter item and transform it entirely. You can update an older piece easily as well. Here are some ideas for creating your own funky furniture.

Photo Collage Entertainment Center
Add a Photo Collage to flat edges, like on this entertainment center

Transform the plain surfaces of low cost furniture with your own photography. Whether it’s one large photo or a collage, it is a great way to make it your own. Have it printed on an adhesive vinyl that will attach to any flat surface. You can take photos of painted or mixed media work you have. It doesn’t only have to be photos, have any digital file printed. You can get really creative with your furniture and have a lot of fun.

Custom Dresser
Print photos of your work, or any digital file, on adhesive vinyl to customize your furniture

Photos & prints can also look amazing on glass, like a tabletop or cabinet door. If they are printed on transparent film, all the whites remain clear. This can have a really cool effect on both black & white and color photos. Install the film on the glass portions for a unique look. It can be truly eye-catching if it is a mirror surface.

Photo Glass Table
Photos can even go on glass, like this coffee table

We just talked about putting custom photos or prints on glass elements, but you can glam it up with stock films as well. You can change the color and/or texture of the glass. It can be a great way to add some privacy to a cabinet that you would rather no one looked in. You can even turn the glass into a mirror.

Decorative Window Film on Cabinets
It doesn’t have to be custom decorative film. Experiment with different color and textured window films

Using clear textured or mirror film can add a subtle touch, and can fit in many older pieces as is. When using colors or complex designs, it would be a good idea to paint the other elements a solid color. White, black, or something else that will make the color pop would work best. A neutral color is ideal if you decide to get adventurous and mix different colors and textures. Check out our article Fun With Color, or the videos, including Mix & Match and Fun With Color, for some helpful tips.

Photo Desk

So now you know you can make your own unique furniture using your own artwork and photography. You can also use stock decorative window film. If you’ve never worked with the material, you may be a little unsure of where to go from here. We can help you through the whole process, whether you want to use your own work or stock film designs. We can also help with advice and recommendations on the installation. Just contact us! Have fun creating your own funky furniture, and get creative!

Marvelous Mirrors

Mirrors are great for making a space look larger and more open, as well as helping with lighting. They’re also an easy way to add some real visual interest to any space. You can have a lot of fun with mirrors, and create a one-of-a-kind look in your favorite room. Here are some creative ways to make an impact using mirrors, bringing your space to the next level.

Colored or tinted mirrors bring all the benefits of a mirror with an added splash of color. Transparent color films are easy to apply, and are a simple way to make your own colorful creation. Since the film can be applied to any glass surface, you can use color to tie the whole room together. Apply the same film to windows, cabinet doors, or any other furniture with glass elements in the space.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can make your own unique “stained glass” art pieces using transparent color films. Just cut squares or simple shapes out of the film using a razor blade, and apply it like a mosaic to the mirror. This could also work with a single color leaving more of a space between the pieces. Even try colored stripes, or your own unique design. Be sure to carefully plan out your design first. It might be a good idea to work it out using pieces of newspaper or craft paper first. You can then use the paper shapes as templates on your film to get the shapes just right.

You can also create that stained glass feel by combining colors in a mirror collage. Mirror wall collages are an exciting home decor trend. There are ready made collages available, but it can be more fun (and sometimes more affordable) to create your own. One way is using mirror tiles. You can find mirror tiles at home improvement stores, usually for around $10 for 6 12″x12″ tiles. They are perfect for creating your own mirror wall collage. (You can see an example of these in the video at the end of the article) Since they are all the same shape and size, you’re free to mix and match different colors and textures without the piece becoming too hectic. For some tips on working with color, check out our article “Fun With Color.”

Color Mirror Wall Collage
Color Mirror Wall Collages Can Give a Stained Glass Feel to Your Wall

Another affordable mirror collage can be created using hand mirrors. You could pick them up at many dollar or discount stores in a variety of shapes and sizes. Then just mask off the glass and spray paint the handles the same color. This will help the collage look more cohesive. It also can help hide that you raided the dollar bin to create your piece. The color you choose for the handles depends on a few factors. Besides your own taste and existing decor, you should think about what you might want to do with the glass of the hand mirrors.

Blue Glass Hand Mirrors
Create a Unique Hand Mirror Collage

If you plan on leaving the glass as is, than the color you pick for the handles won’t really matter. It could be a lot of fun to pick a color that really pops. Maybe choose one that is the compliment of the wall. Maybe it’s unexpectedly saturated version of more subtle shades you already have in the space. You could even pick several colors and do all the handles differently. Just stick to the same finish of paint so it doesn’t start to look too jumbled. So what if you do want to change up the glass, and what could you do with the glass? We already talked about using transparent color window film on mirrors. If you decide to go that route, it’s best to stick to either a neutral color, or the same color as you make glass. It could be neat to use the same color but in a different shade. Another fun idea is to mix and match. If you have a mirror with pink glass and a blue handle, make another have blue glass and a pink handle. Or maybe blue glass with a green handle, and a third mirror has green glass and a pink handle. You get the idea.

You can also check out some textured and etched color film. It can add an extra level to the collage. Some of these films have an amazing effect when you apply them to a mirrored surface, even when using the clear (uncolored) version. You could mix different textures in the same color, or different colors in the same texture. If you are planning on doing a variety of textures and/or colors, you should definitely stick to a uniform color for the handles, specifically a subtle or neutral one. It might even be better to stick to uniform mirrors, like the tiles mentioned earlier, than a mix of hand mirrors. You could wind up on having too much going on, making it start to look like a mess (or worse, the walls of some trying-to-be-quirky-but-super-corporate restaurant chain).

Textured Film on Mirror
This Textured Film Looks Amazing on a Mirror. Check Out the Video to Get the Full Effect.

We’ve talked about using color film, both etched and plain transparent. This already gives you a lot of options for your mirror creation. We’re about to add another level, one that can open up a lot of options. it also has a really cool effect. You can put photos on a mirrored surface.

Whether the photo is black and white or full color, the effect of putting it on a mirror is amazing. You can get the photo printed on transparent film, which will result in all the whites in the photo becoming transparent. When placed on a mirror, the image seems to have motion and even almost glow. Combine this with the interest of the hand mirrors, or playing with colors, and you will create an eye-catching conversation piece.

Black & White Photo on Mirror
Photos printed on transparent film have a cool effect. Check out the video below to see.

So far we’ve talked about adding to and using mirrors, but what about creating your own? You can create your own mirror from any piece of glass. This can be especially useful for furniture with existing glass. This includes a variety of cabinets, tables, shelves & entertainment centers. Mirror Film will transform any glass to a mirror. It can even be used to create a mirror collage using your favorite picture frames. Just apply it to glass of the frames and voila! You have your own one-of-a-kind mirror.

Create Your Own Mirror Using a Picture Frame

Whether you’re making your own mirror or jazzing up an existing one, it’s sure to add some interest to your space. Watch the video below to find out more about mirror wall collages and to see the cool effects of both photos and textured film on mirrors. Be sure to check out our articles on Wall Collage Tips and having Fun With Color for more great tips on updating your decor.

Wall Collage Tips

One of my favorite trends in home decor is creating a one-of-a-kind wall collage. Whether it’s photos, mirrors, pieces of art, or an eclectic mix, a collage has a stunning visual impact. It also allows you to create a completely personalized look in any space. In some of my videos for, I went over some different wall collage ideas. These included using mirrors and photos. There are a few basics to remember with any collage.

The first things to consider are the what and where. Will it be made up of photos, art, mirrors, a mix? This along with where you will display it will determine the overall size and shape of the finished collage. You should also consider other decorative or architectural elements in the space. You may want (or need) to work them into your design.

Once you have a general idea of the what and where, choose an element to tie everything together. Though the individual pieces may be very different, they should all have one similar characteristic. Color and shape repetition is an easy way. You could have several very different frames or pieces that will all work together in the same color, or if you’re using multiple colors, keep them the same shape or size. You can also have a theme to tie it together, like nautical or botanical. Whatever works for you and your space to hold your various items together.

This doesn’t mean you need uniform color or shape for your collage to work, just keep it balanced. This could be a little trickier, but as long as there is an even mix throughout the whole design, it can still work. Balance is going to be one of the most important things to consider in your collage.

This doesn’t mean it has to be perfectly symmetrical, though that is the easiest way to create balance. Both sides just need to be evenly weighted. Start with the largest, most dominant pieces first, and fill in the rest around them. If you are working with different colors, make sure they are all evenly distributed throughout the space. Same goes for multiple shapes or types of objects. As long as you take the time to plan out your collage, it should work. Lay out the pieces on the floor first to get your arrangement right if you need to.

So, in any collage, consider the what and where, have a repeating element to tie it together, keep it balanced, and plan everything carefully. As long as you follow these tips, your new wall collage will bring bold personalized style to your space. Just have fun with it and make it your own.

Check out these videos on mirror and photo wall collages for some more cool ideas for your creation:

Fun With Color

Last time we talked about some of our designs made specifically for large or multiple windows. They include a few variations that work together to avoid too much repetition in your space. If you have a little creative flair and want something truly unique, playing with shapes and colors could be the perfect solution for your next project.

We have several patterns and film types available in a variety of colors. If you’re like me and love playing with color, you can have a lot of fun with these. Mixing different colors of the same pattern or texture can create a contemporary look with your own, unique style.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when playing with color combinations. Maybe you have no idea where to start. Perhaps your afraid of your space becoming a technicolor nightmare. Here are a few tips to help take the crazy out of your color combos:

-First decide on your base color, the most important color of your design. It doesn’t change, may be used to draw attention, and/or the most dominant color.

-You can start by looking at what you already have in the space, and draw your base color, or even your entire palette, from there. Chances are you already have some kind of color theme going on. If so, just go with the flow.

-If your space has a very neutral color scheme, that’s awesome! It means you get to start with any base color you want.

Once you have a base color, it’s time to decide on the rest of your palette. A color wheel can help a lot with this. The images below show a basic color wheel and examples of different color harmonies. Color harmony is the theory of combining colors in a way that’s harmonious to the eye. These color palettes are traditionally used in art and design. They are created by grouping colors based on their relative positions on the color wheel.

Different Color Harmonies


Okay, you’ve decided on your color harmony. Now your all ready to create your perfect mix, right? Here are a few more helpful hints to keep in mind during your color play:

-If you’re using saturated colors and/or a wide variety of colors, it’s best to stick to one pattern or type of film.
-Sometimes less is more. A few bright pops of color thrown in with neutrals like white or beige lets the color stand out more and avoids color overload.
-If you want to mix patterns or film types, stick to a theme. Combine different geometric patterns, or make them all leaves or flowers.
-You can also stick to one color and mix up the patterns or textures. Mix in some neutrals if you want a little more variation.

Just have fun with it and use your imagination. Remember our frosted, textured, and many of our etched designs come in a variety of colors, so there’s more than shapes to play with. Free samples are available, so you can get your mix just right. You can even contact us to create your own custom film or to work with our designer (that’s me!). Good luck and be sure to share your color creations with us on here or Facebook. Check back soon for more tips and tricks!

Great Options for Large Windows


There are some really cool designs out there for decorative window film, but sometimes the repetition of the pattern doesn’t work as well on large areas of glass. This is especially true for stained glass designs or patterns that are meant to appear more organic. I’ve come up with a few film series that solve this problem, and will be sure to enhance any glass.

My Coastal Scenes Stained Glass and Flock of Birds series each have different variations that fit seamlessly together, no matter how you arrange them. You don’t even need all the variations, because a “filler” background is also available, so pick your favorite design and cover the rest with the background design. This especially works well with the stained glass. I’ve also created the Mogu Series, which includes 4 designs that work well together, as well as on their own. All of these original designs are perfect solution for an area with multiple windows.

The Coastal Scenes stained glass series features five different nautically themed designs and an abstract geometric background done in a stained glass style. The rich marbling colors matched with a prismatic cut glass textured film creates a realistic old world stained glass look. As I mentioned earlier, the six patterns fit seamlessly together, no matter how you arrange them, allowing you to customize the look of your space.

Same goes for my Flock of Bird series. This series consists of 4 different arrangements of flocking birds and a seamless cloud background. This film will help bring an airy feel, and allows plenty of light in. The flocking bird silhouettes are “cut out” of the clouds, allowing some visibility and plenty of privacy. You can create your own unique flock of birds by arranging the different patterns however you like. This one can be a lot of fun, and allows for the most unique arrangements.

Finally, we have the Mogu Series. This series consist of four designs influenced by the Mogu style of traditional Chinese painting on gossamer. This film brings the perfect level of privacy without the loss of light. The light, organic look of the gossamer combined with wispy brushstrokes brings a classic and delicate beauty to any space. Each design works great on its own, and they look amazing together.

I am continuing to create new designs, and may soon have more window film series like these. You can also contact us for help with custom design solutions. Be sure to also check back for tricks and tips, like mixing and matching different patterns and colors. We’ll talk about that in an upcoming article.

Check out the video I did for, where you can also purchase these designs.