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Funky Furniture

Furniture should be more than just functional. It can add so much character to a space, and even become a work of art or conversation piece. There are ways to create your own truly unique pieces without having to build it completely from scratch. You can take a low cost, cookie cutter item and transform it entirely. You can update an older piece easily as well. Here are some ideas for creating your own funky furniture.

Photo Collage Entertainment Center
Add a Photo Collage to flat edges, like on this entertainment center

Transform the plain surfaces of low cost furniture with your own photography. Whether it’s one large photo or a collage, it is a great way to make it your own. Have it printed on an adhesive vinyl that will attach to any flat surface. You can take photos of painted or mixed media work you have. It doesn’t only have to be photos, have any digital file printed. You can get really creative with your furniture and have a lot of fun.

Custom Dresser
Print photos of your work, or any digital file, on adhesive vinyl to customize your furniture

Photos & prints can also look amazing on glass, like a tabletop or cabinet door. If they are printed on transparent film, all the whites remain clear. This can have a really cool effect on both black & white and color photos. Install the film on the glass portions for a unique look. It can be truly eye-catching if it is a mirror surface.

Photo Glass Table
Photos can even go on glass, like this coffee table

We just talked about putting custom photos or prints on glass elements, but you can glam it up with stock films as well. You can change the color and/or texture of the glass. It can be a great way to add some privacy to a cabinet that you would rather no one looked in. You can even turn the glass into a mirror.

Decorative Window Film on Cabinets
It doesn’t have to be custom decorative film. Experiment with different color and textured window films

Using clear textured or mirror film can add a subtle touch, and can fit in many older pieces as is. When using colors or complex designs, it would be a good idea to paint the other elements a solid color. White, black, or something else that will make the color pop would work best. A neutral color is ideal if you decide to get adventurous and mix different colors and textures. Check out our article Fun With Color, or the videos, including Mix & Match and Fun With Color, for some helpful tips.

Photo Desk

So now you know you can make your own unique furniture using your own artwork and photography. You can also use stock decorative window film. If you’ve never worked with the material, you may be a little unsure of where to go from here. We can help you through the whole process, whether you want to use your own work or stock film designs. We can also help with advice and recommendations on the installation. Just contact us! Have fun creating your own funky furniture, and get creative!