Fish Stained Glass R05007

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Not to be outdone by its sibling, the Dove Stained Glass Film, our Fish Stained Glass variety affords a style and coloring that is unique only onto itself.

Each section of the R05007 construction is made up of the pattern shown, with three gold fish intertwined among various shapes and colors. Once again, this decorative window film supports a maximum level of privacy and would make a fantastic statement on a church glass door or a personal library window. It’s easy to install yourself and can be removed in the future if you so desire.

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Each Pattern is 36″ wide, by 28″ Tall
Length: Sold by the Pattern. Add the amount needed to your cart. Window Film ships in one continuous roll.
Level of Privacy: Maximum – This film blocks 95 to 100% of vision.
Visible Light Transmittance: Varies

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